Newtownards028 9181 2168

Bangor028 9127 2549

S. Clarke and Son

funeral directors
028 9181 2168 Bangor
028 9127 2549

Established 1918

nie funeral directors

Web view (MS Internet Explorer Only)

Giving you the opportunity to be with friends and family at a difficult time, whatever your circumstance. 

If you are unable to attend the funeral of a loved one our exclusive web view allows you to watch live from your home or overseas. 

To access our secure live video feed please contact a member of the family to receive the designated log–in username and password.

This service requires MS WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee viewing due to security restrictions, personal computer conflicts or global network provider issues.

This service will not operate if you are using: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or any Apple Mac device.


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