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S. Clarke and Son

funeral directors
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Established 1918

nie funeral directors

our 100 years

1938 – 1978

During the Second World War, after the firm was contracted to undertake arrangements for fatalities amongst RAF Personnel, the horses were sold to accommodate a motorised fleet.

In 1940 John Clarke entered his father’s employ and together they saw the business increase, resulting in the erection of their funeral church at Court Square in 1970.

In 1952, John (aged 26) married Lylla. Their relationship was described as “a match made in Heaven” and she join John in the business doing the books and engraving coffin plates. That year John became a fully qualified embalmer, joining the British Institute of Embalmers.

Further business growth meant that a funeral church was needed. The first one was built in 1970 in Court Square, beside a back entry to the houses on Canal Row. (That back entry 20 years later, would become a new reception area / entrance hall to S. Clarke + Son!)

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