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S. Clarke and Son

funeral directors
028 9181 2168 Bangor
028 9127 2549

Established 1918

nie funeral directors

registering: more info

If the Coroner is involved

If the cause of death is unclear, or the deceased had not seen a doctor within 28 days, the matter may be referred to the Coroner. Preliminary funeral arrangements can still be made and we can finalise details once consent has been obtained from the Coroner. The Coroner will allow death to be registered when appropriate paperwork is complete.

 If death occurred outside NI

If death occurred outside Northern Ireland, contact us first for guidance. You must obtain permission from the authorities in the country in question for repatriation – (transportation of the deceased). 

Taking the deceased overseas

If you would like to take the deceased away from Northern Ireland we will obtain the relevant documentation and make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.


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