Newtownards028 9181 2168

Bangor028 9127 2549

S. Clarke and Son

funeral directors
028 9181 2168 Bangor
028 9127 2549

Established 1918

nie funeral directors

registering: documents

Documentation you will receive

  • GR021* – gives permission for burial / cremation application. Give this form to the undertaker. *(If burial is in a council cemetery, they will retain this form.)
  • 36/BD8 REGISTRATION OF DEATH – for social security purposes. If the deceased received a State Pension / other benefits, fill out and return to the Social Security Agency.
  • DEATH CERTIFICATE – (£) needed by will executor / administrator / for pension claims, insurance policies / bank accounts etc. Advisable to buy at least 2 copies. (Additional copies bought later will be more expensive.)


·         If the Coroner is involved         
·         If death occurred outside NI    
·         Taking the deceased overseas  

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