Newtownards028 9181 2168

Bangor028 9127 2549

S. Clarke and Son

funeral directors
028 9181 2168 Bangor
028 9127 2549

Established 1918

nie funeral directors

a death at a home

If a loved one dies at a nursing home / residential home:

  1. Tell staff if cremation is preferred. The doctor will usually issue a Medical Death Certificate.
  2. Ring S. Clarke & Son to arrange removal of the deceased–(Ards: 02891 812 168 / Bangor: 02891 272 549)
  3. Ring the Council to book an appointment to register death– (Ards: 03000 133 333 ext 40720 / Bangor: 03000 133 333 ext 40720)
  4. Visit S. Clarke & Son to make arrangements. We will guide you through the rest of the process. (Clothing can be brought for the deceased to wear in the coffin.)

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