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Memorial FAQ's (4)


Q: After the headstone+inscription, is there any other cost?

A:  YES. If in a council cemetery there will be a planning fee. Some churchyards also charge a fee. We will itemise any applicable fees on the quotation. Fees can be paid to us and we will pass them on.

Q: When do we have to pay for the headstone?

A: We usually ask for a deposit at the time of ordering which is approximately a third of the overall cost. Once complete and you are completely happy with the result, we will request the balance.

Q: When do we have to pay for a wedge / tablet / inscription?

A: We usually ask for payment for inscriptions, wedges, desk tablets and slabs up–front, unless the payment is from the estate of the deceases and being handled via a solicitor. In this case we will apply for payment directly from the solicitor handling the estate.


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Memorial FAQ's (4)