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Memorial FAQ's (1)

Q: Can I choose a stone colour not in your brochure?

A: YES, we can produce most of our catalogue headstone shapes in any stone colour listed. It may be possible to source other stone types / colours to your specification. Call or email us for more details.

Q: Can I choose a shape not in your brochure?

A: YES, we can produce custom–designed shapes or copies of other headstones in any of our catalogue stone colours. We would need detailed information and sizes from you. Call us for more details.

Q: Can I add a grave surround?

A: YES in older council cemeteries and most churchyards. Most modern council–owned cemeteries are ‘lawn cemeteries’ which means they mow the grass and maintain all graves. Everything is open–plan and no grave surrounds are permitted. Grave surrounds are less popular now due to their initial high cost and ease of being damaged after a grave is opened for burial.

Q: Can I have a mini–surround in a lawn cemetery?

A:  YES, lawn cemeteries generally allow a 24” strip in front of a headstone for vases, wedges or garden surrounds. Garden surrounds tend to sink over time and slope away from the headstone, giving maintenance issues, we no longer do garden surrounds, but can put you in contact with a contractor.

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Memorial FAQ's (1)